Vintage-Wonderland Fräulein Anders

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Vintage-Wonderland Fräulein Anders

Lea Schumacher am 18. March 2019 · Ein Kommentar

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

Of course, my journey in search of the most extraordinary Berlin Second Hand and Vintage Stores has to start in the Schöneberg neighborhood between Nollendorfplatz and Winterfeldplatz.

Nowadays, many people start their search in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg or Neukölln, but for me it was logical to first rummage in the side streets of Schöneberg.

Already as a child I had been with my mother in many fascinating, small shops that offered me more than those that were found in the “obvious” places.

You do not find special things in places of the trend, but where you do not expect them.

So it is with the vintage wonderland of “Fräulein Anders”.

Fräulein Anders

You will find this small shop almost at the end of Nollendorfstraße in the house of number 28.

Look at the picture and be honest: can you miss “Fräulein Anders”? Definitely no.

The rabbit hole

You feel a bit like Alice as she follows the white rabbit into the rabbit hole when you enter Lilly Anders’ kingdom.

When you get into the store, you immediately see Lilly’s discreet note in the form of a phone case that she still prefers being called, rather than receiving a mail or WhatsApp message.

In a good assortment, which makes every heart beat faster, woman can find everything at Fräulein Anders.

Lilly has furnished and decorated the shop that has come to her with such love that every customer feels immediately at ease.

Lilly’s favorites

However, at the heart of “Fräulein Anders” is nothing to buy, but part of this great place: Lilly’s personal advice and her special favorites.

Lilly currently has two dresses that are her favorites. They belonged to a woman who became engaged in 1956 and married in 1957.

You can feel the expectant whisper of all those clothes that have been allowed to live before and those who are waiting for their first life.

To Fräulein Anders goes, who has unwanted treasures or who seeks treasures.

You can find them in the wonderland “Fräulein Anders” at Nollendorfstraße 28, 10777 Berlin.

Nice – and who should wear it?

You. Honestly, who cares how the others look just because you’re wearing something else? It does not necessarily mean something negative.

On this topic and many more, such as sustainability, vintage styling and brands, Lilly Anders also makes a really good YouTube channel, which I would also like to recommend to you here.

Especially if you would like to dress in this elegant style, but do not dare (yet).


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  1. This looks like such a cool little store! I want to visit and shop! Wonderful post!

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