One week moabiterpflanze online magazine


One week moabiterpflanze online magazine

Lea Schumacher am 20. December 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

Seit einer Woche ist nun online und ich bin, gelinde ausgedru00fcckt, u00fcberwu00e4ltigt, u00fcberfordert und endlos fasziniert.

My precious and the digital little people

You may have noticed that moabiterpflanze is a really nice website.

Although I can not deny that I am not too stupid with technology, I would never have done that.

No, this masterpiece was created by digital little people. True masters and conquerors of digital monsters. In other words, the urbanstudio team.

The team consists of the two leaders and their comrades: Marian, the scholar of the DSGVO, who builds a wall of defense against words from this paragraph, the magician Oli, who turns the digital monsters into blooming landscapes and the good spirits in the background, who watch over my treasure.

Gutenberg, you chaot.

I’m honestly embarrassed to have to admit it, but WordPress really did cause some problems for me at the beginning.

I do not know why, but somehow I have really struggled with the subject of bilingualism in the Gutenberg editor. I assume that the new conversion also had a few bugs in it that did not make it easy for everyone involved in the moabiterpflanze in the beginning.

Meanwhile, I would say that it works quite well, or what do you think?

SEO or: what the hell?

“What the hell?”, I really thought, as I dealt with the subject of SEO under the patient guidance of magician Oli.

Seriously, how complex is the topic? Besides, I really desperately need a dictionary SEO-German/German-SEO.

If you ask me, it really is a language of its own and when it comes up, I have just understood 4%. I do not like the number 4 at all. That needs to get better.

But well … working in and somehow that will be fine. “Practice makes perfect”, isn’t it?

Data octopus, be my slave!

Did you guess? Yes, it’s about Google Analytics.

How crazy is that? I can see in real-time how many people are online at this moment, in the world, and in what posts on moabiterpflanze? That is really cool. And creepy. But cool for me. Except for the fact that, of course, most of the time hardly anyone online is on the site.

In total, in the last 7 days 255 people, from 15 different countries, in 385 sessions, mostly via the smartphone on moabiterpflanze online. According to Master Oli a good record after a week. I have no idea. Google could also have told me that the chickens lay Smarties before I have any comparison with other “1st week dates”.

The most popular articles are those about Alessandro Franza, then the gallery for vintage racing and the first part of the poisoned apple. A really interesting mix, but with my personal “category priorities list” almost 1:1 matches. In my head the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland starts a little joy dance.

But with all the pretty numbers from Google Analytics, my favorite tool is the world map. It reminds me of the cliché of putting flags in the countries you’ve visited, only here are some of the countries where someone was online. Really cool.

Interesting for me is the ranking from where most people went online. So far, of course, at 1st place Germany, but already 2nd and 3rd have surprised me, because I just do not know anyone there: USA in 2nd place and Canada in 3rd place.

There is definitely not enough blue.

11 posts and my darling

Hard to believe, but within a week 11 posts have gone online!

2 galleries, 9 articles and 10 comments. That was really fast. Is it really already a week ago? It seems to me as if it had just been that I had hiccup with excitement.

But what really makes me happy is that my absolute favorite function on moabiterpflanze was used 57 times in total: the pulsating Like-heart. Oh, how much I love it. And it seems that I’m not alone with that.

The white rabbit is dancing a passionate tango.

The white rabbit

Now comes the resolution on the subject: What is this with the damn, white rabbit?

Well, like Alice, I followed the white rabbit and when Morpheus let me choose between the red and the blue pill, I chose the red and moabiterpflanze was created.

The image of the white rabbit, if you are unlucky – or lucky – you will see in the form of a really nice “Happy Error” page.

I won’t tell you more. It will be a surprise.

Besides, rabbits are really cute.

Crystal ball view

Even if moabiterpflanze is really nice, there is still a lot to do.

The website

The menu will be expanded, the newsletter is still in the little people workshop and then a few other things are perfected.

Of course moabiterpflanze still needs some affiliate programs to keep it, because as you may know, the running costs of such work are not very low.


Currently I am working on some new articles for you. I am especially looking forward to the tutorial and a review. Be curious. They will be really great.

In addition, there is still the upcoming Fashion Week. I’m already itching to take photos and write the reports for you. Hopefully also in an international context, but I cannot promise anything.

And you?

What is your current opinion of the magazine? What do you like most? What is your favorite article? What would you wish for the future of moabiterpflanze?

Let me know in your comment, I’m looking forward to it!!!


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