Newcomer Alessandro Franza “Dark Call”


Newcomer Alessandro Franza “Dark Call”

Lea Schumacher am 14. December 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

There are people with a passion and there are people like the newcomer Alessandro Franza.

Less than 5 months since his graduation collection for Modeschule Berlin, he presents his winter collection “Dark Call”, his first collection for his label Alessandro Franza, at Starbucks in Friedrichstraße Berlin.

Dark Call

Dark Call is newcomer Alessandro Franza’s first own fashion show, which he presents to a select audience.

Inspired by the city’s dark call, he has created an elegant women’s collection with feminine patterns and special details.

Each design has a surprise that you do not always see instantly. Once discovered, a smile inevitably steals into everyone’s face.

Dark Lady

“Dark Call” is definitely a collection for a “Dark Lady”. Absolutely wearable on different occasions, but elegant and mysterious.

Proud above the mass of jeans and statement shirts.

A treat for the eye.


For this article liters of water were needed.

Pour the moabiterpflanze so it does grow and not die!

2 Euro

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