Fashion Hall Part 9

Berlin Fashion Week

Fashion Hall Part 9

Lea Schumacher am 30. November 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

They will be presented at the Erika-Heß Stadium in Wedding. On the 2nd of July 2018 at 7 pm the Fashion Hall Part 9 models will glide over the catwalk in the clothes of the 16 youngest aspiring designers and already renown design talents from Germany and Europe at the usual place where ice skates glide over the ice and thus inaugurate the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week in Berlin.

After the Design & Life Style Market, the show begins with the latest stage technology and celebrities split into two parts.

Alessandro Franza

The newcomer Alessandro Franza

Only a few weeks ago, Alessandro Franza graduated as a fashion designer at the Modeschule Berlin, where he already completed an apprenticeship in fashion tailor. Now this ambitious young talent is not just presenting his first own collection “The Flow of Franza” for his label “Alessandro Franza”, but is also the first designer to launch the Fashion Hall.

Elegant, with flowing fabrics, the Alessandro Franza woman transforms from a caterpillar into a confident, blue butterfly as soon as she puts on the clothes. A promising talent, which immediately sets the course of a jet plane for himself and his label.


Kalina Kocemba

Designer Kalina Kocemba

The winner of the Modne Miasto surprises the audience with a monochrome collection. The familiar forms of pants and tops distort them with a surface reminiscent of prickly or plate-armored ammonites. What initially seems disturbing, pleases the eye of the beholder by the choice of color and the choice of materials. The woman is strengthened and protected by a pure tank that protects her delicate nature from the stormy sea of the world. Modern, Polish design. Cool, feminine, extravagant.


Barbara Rummel

Barbara Rummel

Barbara Rummel – or “square, practical, good”. This clearly underestimated German everyday wisdom has found a designer who proves with her bags that not everything has to be extravagantly abstracted in modern times, and that good materials such as leather and wool felt are classics in bag production that never really look good come into fashion when there is a talent that knows how to deal with them.


Aidar Khan

The Kazakh designer Aydarhan Kaliev and founder of the Aspara Fashion Week brings his home to the ice rink with the velvet robes and embroidery on delicate tulle, which are based on the costumes of his homeland.


Marco Marcu

Marco Marcu Haute Couture presents itself with simple designs in draped style and glittering sequin robes. The 15 year old label from Potsdam was well received by the audience.


Librecka Fashion

The designer of Librecka Fashion

Librecka Fashion surprises the audience with a very experimental graduation collection. Her collection, in the colors white, black and light blue, is reminiscent of the wearing of clouds or bath foam. A really extraordinary surface treatment.


Maria Theres

Maria Theres presents a collection of knitwear and crochet clothes, breaking the picture of decent crocheted goods. Her collection is modern, sexy and unexpectedly stylish in boho style.



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