Did I buy a poisoned apple? Part 1


Did I buy a poisoned apple? Part 1

Lea Schumacher am 4. December 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

I love my MacBook Pro. I really love it. It has faithfully accompanied me through 4 stormy years, but now I notice how my beloved Macci can not keep up with my evolving life.

My MacBook Pro is a beautiful 13″ MacBook Pro from early 2015 with 125GB of storage, 8GB of RAM. Every pro laughs at the data, but for me it has been absolutely sufficient. Of course, I have saved text, image, movie files, etc. on an external hard drive, but it is now problematic with my programs.

Technikfaultier has the problem, what I currently have in his 2 Weeks Review to the 13 “MacBook Pro 2018 funny enough also mentioned: the programs just do not run anymore. In the meantime, I have about 80% of all programs that I need by default every day, have to throw down. Even the simplest RAW file image editing is simply no longer possible.

The end of my Macci has been showing for some time, but in November it became clear that I had to leave him as soon as possible.

The launch of the magazine had to be postponed because of this, among other things.

Tears and a heart attack

You’ll laugh if you read that now, but I really shed tears when I realized I’d have to get a new MacBook Pro. When I saw the prices for the new devices that met all the requirements I would inevitably need for my next years, I was on the verge of having a heart attack.

I do not want to spoil, so I’m leaving out the justification that you have to give up for any new purchase nowadays (and I’m incredibly annoyed by this because everyone has their reasons for making a decision and does not have to share it with others), but in the end I’m mine ordered my Macci 2.0. TEETH CRUNCHED.

Unhappy gadget freak and unbelieving friends

My friends were quite dumbfounded when they learned how unhappy I was about buying.

They actually know me as the total techie. As soon as something new is on the market, I want to know immediately what it is, how it works, etc.

For gadgets, I’m flipping out. But gadgets do not cost me some 1000€ and I do not have to buy them to admire them. Try it once? Great. But buy? No thanks.

Nevertheless, I have bought a new Macci.

But why a MacBook Pro and not a Windows?

The video of Technikfaultier I embedded above you and the review by Felixba below, explain the main reason quite well, but besides this very typical Apple user reason is another reason that Windows computer and I since the 90s one own guerrilla warfare lead. Allegedly indestructible models, I have in a very short time made them finally crashed and a few I have – I do not know how – brought to explode. No joke. It made “Pouff”, a few flashes in the device and small clouds of smoke. Every time I thought about the Loriot sketch with the nuclear power plant.

Around 2008, we decided to go our separate ways and since then apples flow through my veins. So a friendly separation.

Macci 2.0 – killer configuration

Macci 2.0 is supposed to arrive in a few hours and I still write these words on my beloved Macci, later, when I have unpacked and set up the new MacBook Pro, I’ll write you my first impression of the new one. I’ve configured Macci 2.0 to hopefully have no need to buy a new laptop for more than 3-4 years (best never, but dreams are sometimes foams).

A 15″ display so I have a perfect view of all my work. Of course, my 13″ Macci is beyond any doubt, but as I worked, I often noticed that a larger screen would be more than useful. Then a super processor, 32 GB of RAM (take that, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc.!), a top graphics card and 2 TB of storage space.

2 TB! Better safe than sorry.

Why 2 TB of disk space if I only have programs on my computer and the rest on the external hard drive? 1. I’m traumatized by Macci in terms of storage space, but 2. also because next year at least 4 mega fat programs will make it comfortable on the new MacBook Pro and that will not be the end. Film editing needs a lot of space? That may be true, but there are more programs that need a lot of space. And I do not mean the RAM, but really just the memory for the program itself.

Because I do not want to give away too much, I think I’m a bit covered, but for these programs plus various editing programs, I need a monster laptop.

Best like one of these Hindu super deities with a lot of arms and minds, because Macci 2.0 will have to be a multi-talent.

Why am I not looking forward to Macci 2.0?

But if Macci 2.0 is so blatant, why am I not looking forward to it? His apple does not light up. No, of course that’s not all, but for me it’s kind of weird that the new MacBooks have no glowing apple anymore. It is something like a pulse display of my device for me and is just part of it for me. It really frustrates me that I should not see the glowing apple anymore.

Another reason is the Touch Bar. In general I have the difficulty with all touch function devices that they only reluctantly recognize my fingers. This has always been a big problem with the Touch ID as well. My enthusiasm for Touch Bar and Touch ID is therefore limited, but then also the review of Felixba and his experiences with the Touch Bar.

Then also his difficulties with the screen and the keyboard! My heart beats in the whipping step.

The very thought of all that makes me freak out at the price of the MacBook Pros before it even arrived. In general, I share many observations of Felixba, which is why I am generally reluctant to face the new MacBook Pro. Despite my apple-blood. Added to the USB-C connections and the “low” battery life.

All in all, I feel as if I have bought a poisoned apple.


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