Studio183 x Frau Tonis Parfum – That’s the Berlin scent

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Studio183 x Frau Tonis Parfum – That’s the Berlin scent

Lea Schumacher am 2. December 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

Berlin is a great city. But no one can resist the impression that big business chains and companies dominate the world of consumers. Also in our beautiful city. It is often frustrating to look for something special that not everyone has. Something that pays the individual the respect he deserves. The cry for the individuality of the masses brought us uniformity. But there are exceptions. They always exist. To find them is the art of individualists.

On July 7, 2018, the concept store Studio183 presented the Berlin fragrance for individualists in one of its well-known events: “Frau Tonis Parfum”.

Short facts about “Frau Tonis Parfum”:

Stefanie Hanssen founded “Frau Tonis Perfume” in 2009 after discovering the desire for passion and tailor-made fragrances in her search for a specific fragrance. She dedicated the name of her fragrance manufacturer to her grandmother Toni-Luise. The fragrance range comprises 16 fragrances, of which 3 are perfume fragrances.

At the event “Studio183 x Mrs. Toni” the first three perfume scents were presented under the slogan “BERLIN IN A BOTTLE” by Frau Tonis Parfum.

The presentation of the fragrances in glass bottles in vintage style underscores the minimalist-elegant style of Frau Toni, the loving craftsmanship and the high quality standards.

The simple names and unobtrusive bottles of the perfumes “N°5”, “N°18” and “N°19” prove that it is not necessary to use pompous names when the scents speak for themselves. Pure understatement in a pure design.

That’s the Berlin scent.

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