Neonyt and Fashiontech – a powerhouse of fashion

Berlin Fashion Week

Neonyt and Fashiontech – a powerhouse of fashion

Lea Schumacher am 21. January 2019 · Ein Kommentar

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

The time of the textiles has begun again and with the Berlin Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019/2020 a new exhibition format in the capital begins.

There used to be the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show for sustainable fashion, from this Fashion Week there is the Neonyt in Kraftwerk Berlin.

Contrary to the opinion of many intellectual contemporaries, fashion is not “just fashion”, but a very influential business sector that is increasingly aware of the associated responsibility for people and the environment and, thanks to the latest innovations, is increasingly able to shoulder this responsibility.

Everything is newnew Neonyt

The fair, which is simultaneously a hub for the future of fashion, owes its name to the words “neo” (“new” / “revolutionary”) and “nytt” (“new”).

More than any other trade fairs of this Fashion Week, attention is paid to the exchange and further education of visitors. In addition to discussions, talks, workshops, but also documentation are offered. Due to the connection with the Fashiontech conference format, these events are themed as Fashionsustain as well as the combination of fashion and technology and innovation.

Main theme of the first Neonyt

When visiting this show, the main theme of this season is more than clear, which she has already announced on her website: peace, water, fashion.

Without a guilty conscience one can say that anyone who has not yet noticed that we are threatened with a global drinking water emergency with accompanying wars, probably lives behind the moon. It is a fact that should not be ignored and the fashion industry and its consumers have a high degree of responsibility for this future.

A simple cotton T-shirt, which we can buy at Kik for 5 €, already consumes 2,700 liters of water in its production and the global population is rising unstoppably and thus the need for raw materials. A rethinking in production and consumption are therefore essential.

The fusion of sustainability, technology and innovation through corporate and multidisciplinary collaborations are, according to Fashionsustain, the way forward for a responsible fashion industry.

(Almost) green companies

The labels represented on the Neonyt are mainly located on the ground floor and first floor.

In addition to well-known, completely ecological labels, such as Lanius, there are also labels on the Neonyt that are not yet 100% sustainable, but they strive to do so.

An example of this is SKFK Skunkfunk. SKFK is almost 100% sustainable so far. Except for some products, such as neoprene bags, all products are made from recycled fibers or natural fibers. For the coming winter, customers can look forward to wonderfully colorful designs from the Basque Country.

A treat for the eye is the small Swiss label Komana. This small, fine label produces its clothing fair from organic fabrics.

Characteristic of Komana are colorful designs with ethnic, handcrafted patterns for the self-confident woman, which can be combined great.

In sustainable fashion you think of many things, but who thinks of fine tights? Actually logical, considering that most tights do not last a day and are made of man made fibers. So far, there is only one company worldwide that produces sustainable fine tights. Swedish Stockings produces durable tights in recycled nylon and spandex.

More than fashion

In addition to the exhibitors of fashion labels, there were also other fascinating exhibitors such as is an agency that helps labels to make their production environmentally friendly with the help of various tools. They offer a collection of materials, as well as various software and workshops for the labels. Sustainability made as easy as possible. Especially interesting are the QR codes that can be sewed into the clothes that show the customers the history of their garments as soon as they are scanned.

The booth of inspired under the supervision of Mr. Simon Angel gives a small impression of the exhibition, which will be shown in spring 2019 in Frankfurt. Dutch designers show their latest innovations in sustainable materials and materials processing.

One product that stands out because it is one of the few lifestyle products is the Kongy sponge. The so-called Konjac sponge is 100% vegan and also suitable for serious allergic persons, because you can use your skin without any soap. Copies of the Konjac sponge are already available at various drugstores, but who already knows this, the difference between the drugstore copies and the South Korean original is immediately noticeable.

Technologies and innovations

Fashiontech is almost fluent in the Neonyt. She feels like a think tank. The knowledge that flowed through the halls like the sound of a brook lets the levels of innovation fade into the background.

So many interesting things have been developed. Fitting software programs for the retail sector, tailor’s busts, which can be perfectly adapted in shape and digitally dyed yarn made of recycled polyester are only a few examples, but really interesting is the Thinkathon whose results will be presented on 16.01.2019 and the Fashion Fusion Award, its future standing in the stars. It is questionable whether this innovative format will be continued.


The Neonyt is a true success and it is probably the most promising development of the Berlin MBFW.

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