Telekom Fashion Fusion Award 2018


Telekom Fashion Fusion Award 2018

Lea Schumacher am 30. November 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

The third Fashion Fusion Award 2018 was presented on 03 July 2018 under the moderation of Marc Aden Gray at the me Collectors Room in Berlin-Mitte.

Fashion Fusion Facts

The award launched by Telekom in 2016, which focuses on combining fashion and technology, is also being sponsored by intel, Adidas and #FASHIONTECH Berlin.

The founder of the Fashon Fusion Award is Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Teams and individuals from around the world can compete in this challenge for the future of fashion.

Antje Hundhausen with Marc Aden Gray

After lab qualification, the results of the eight international finalists were presented to the public.

The Jury

The 12-member jury, consisting of experienced people from the fashion and IT industry.

Among others Anita Tillmann, board member of Fashion Council Germany, managing partner of Premium Exhibition Berlin and founder of #FASHIONTECH Berlin.

Also, Professor Paul Lukowicz, Head of “Embedded Intelligence” at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and many more, selected the winners of the highly-prized awards.

The Winners


Yannik Wendt

The Special Award of the Telekom Fashion Fusion Award 2018 was given to Yannik Wendt for his project “Vibrace”, which he had originally developed as an orientation support for visually impaired people.

Ultimately, it helps all people to find their way around in unfamiliar surroundings without looking at the smartphone.


The third place went to the team “Radice” consisting of Nele Köstler and Jonas Diezun from Munich. Their motto was “make sleep sexy”, for which they developed a sleep mask for a good night’s sleep.

Gentle, yellow light and gentle sounds in the sleep mask gently wake the wearer.


Zsófi Lévai

The second place went to Zsófi Lévai, Sarolta Setet and Zoltán Istenes, with the project “Interknitting”.

An interface is incorporated into the knitted clothes. The sensors react to the external stimuli with light, but also shows activities of the social media accounts.


Due to the marketability and the connectivity of their project, the winners of the first place, the team “Keypod”, consisting of Sharon Greenberg, Roman Alperovich and Einat Israeli, convinced the jury.

The long runtime of the light and washable batteries is revolutionary and the interfaces can be adapted to any garment or accessory.

More photos:

Antje Hundhausen and Anita Tillmann

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