Show&Order Spring/Summer 2019

Berlin Fashion Week

Show&Order Spring/Summer 2019

Lea Schumacher am 8. December 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

The largest group for trade fairs at the Berlin Fashion Week is probably the Premium Group of Anita Tillmann.

In addition to the well-known Premium Fair and the really interesting #FASHIONTECH Berlin, a sparkling jewel is the Show&Order.

Fashion journalist? Not easy.

After you come to the grounds of the Station Berlin and in the Kühlhaus, you can look at the much more interesting, little sister of the Premium fair.

Well, it’s not easy to write about it.

Very few companies in this small fair want to have their products photographed. Top secret until next summer.

It’s a shame, if you would like to be able to give a pretty sneak peek, at least with single, released products, so that you can understand why all visitors of the fairs have a glow in their eyes when they leave them again.

Trend 01:

Ladies and gentlemen: next summer will be mainly boho-chic. Brilliant colors, opulent accessories … true Bohemian dreams. Within the bohos 2019 there are different sub-levels. The noble-adult boho-chic with handcrafted, golden jewelry in bamboo design by Steinkult, to humorous interpretations with gigantic birds and feathers on the ears. For the seasoned woman with a very tough wallet, cashmere scarves are available.

Trend 02:

Of all the different floors, the shoe storey was the most exciting floor.

Mime et Moi

The Munich company Mime et Moi presented their latest collection of sandals with exchangeable heels. For 2 years, the company is already on the market and you can see the 4 years of research on the perfect heels replacement system on the sandals.

The system

Here you can choose between 3 different heel heights (3cm, 7cm, 10cm), 3 different heel styles (Stiletto, Block, Super Block) and many heel designs to create and change your perfect sandals.

Perfect for everyday life and holidays. On the road maybe 3cm super block heel in black to black sandals, in the club 10cm Stiletto heel in gold. Sandal was not even changed. Perfect.

The icing on the cake

Added to this is the really high-quality workmanship.

While women get presented with cold-padded shoes even in luxury brands, Mime et Moi puts on a soft footbed for maximum comfort without the design has to lose even a bit for it.

Prospects for 2019

By the way, at the fair, a bird chirped moabiterpflanze, that a collection of closed shoes is planned in 2019! Now it is said, until the day every day at least 1 € in the Mime et Moi money box!


Another positive surprise Diesel with two types of sneakers ready.

Open and soft edges …

Pretty much everyone looked at the “open edge” sneaker. A sneaker where the “tongue” and the Achilles tendon area are not serged. In fact, some visitors to the fair doubtfully looked at the shoe, but after closer inspection, he convinced. If the right people could find him, he might even have the makings of a smaller cult status with his open, but super soft edges and slightly grungy design.

Velcro is sexy! – If he comes from Diesel

The other type of sneaker convinced immediately.

The “Velcro-patch-system” is just a brilliant idea!

A name fitting this genius design.

With Diesel’s patch set, wearers can redesign and personalize their shoes. Really amazing.

Conclusion of the Show&Order S/S 2019

The conclusion of this Show&Order is boho style and customizable shoes.

The next summer can not come fast enough!


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