Patchology or: how I got fun with skincare


Patchology or: how I got fun with skincare

Lea Schumacher am 10. April 2019 · 2 Comments

This article is considered an advertisement because it is a review of product samples.

Skin care is a tiresome subject for me, which I have hated since my kindergarten. Because since then I am in regular treatment with dermatologists and that rather with bad success.

Despite constantly new ointments, any antibiotics and any diagnoses that were never proven with smears or any closer investigation, my skin was getting worse. Chronic itching, non-healing wounds, countless inflammations and more and more allergies to care and make-up products made me hate my skin.

The Change

But since I visited the Indie Beauty Expo in Berlin, my attitude to the subject changed abruptly.

I got to know there many new skincare brands that have nothing in common with my experiences. Among other things, the brand Patchology.

Rather by accident, I came to the booth of Patchology, which admittedly I had looked rather skeptically from afar.

Lure and curiosity

The reason? I’m allergic to plasters, which usually means an allergy to most patch products. I was generally very skeptical at the fair because I had not found any skincare that I tolerated well. Accordingly, I actually wanted to omit Patchology on this trade fair visit.

However, as luck and curiosity would have it, I landed in front of those colorful packages that attracted me to them.

For me, the situation was like that of a small child, who was told that all those pretty wraps are wondrous magic things that did not bode well for him.

I was offered to patch me. I said (I’m just too curious) and you can not imagine how much my knees were faintly shaking with fear of having a “break out” later on. This usually announces itself by a light burning tingling immediately after the first seconds.

First, it is different and second, as you think

If you follow moabiterpflanze on Instagram and watch the stories regularly, you’ve seen my first reaction to the eye patches:

I tried not to scream with joy. The feeling was so incredibly pleasant.

I felt my skin hydrated and the coolness of the patches relaxed muscles and nerves. It was like a wellness holiday.

And all in just 5 minutes!

I can already anticipate that even in the evening and the next day I had no negative consequences of the Eye Patches. No allergic reaction or anything else. My eye area looked brighter and less tired instead.

About Patchology

In retrospect, I was not too surprised that I tolerated Patchology eye gels so well.

Over 10 years ago, Patchology’s founding team developed patches for the medical sector. They have significantly transferred this knowledge to Patchology skincare products.

The products of Patchology are designed for today. They are (at least for me) very well tolerated, work quickly and can be integrated thanks to the patch method very well in everyday life.

The products are ideal for people in business, traveling… busy people who want to optimize more and more. People of today.

Overslept after a long party night? No problem. Just put on the eye gels for 5 minutes, drink coffee or tea and the day can begin.

Test Products

At Indie Beauty Expo, they were so kind as to give me some product samples.

The products tested include the Clean AF make-up remover tissues, the Hydrate Flashmasque, the Illuminating Eye Gels, the Rejuvenating Eye Gels, the Restoring Night Eye Gels and the Lip Service.

Clean AF

Clean AF I tested in the evening after the Indie Beauty Expo and was very excited, because I previously wore a make-up from Urban Decay which difficult to remove, which could be removed within a very short time.

However, after a few days I left it well-rested, because my skin was over-stimulated by the make-up and needed a break. After that, I noticed that the tissues were still better than my regular make-up remover for Balea‘s waterproof make-up, but it was already easing a bit.

What does that mean? It’s an excellent product that you should use up quickly.

Hydrate Flashmasque

I really enjoyed this product. I had not used many face masks yet, but still… how wonderfully soft my skin was!

And the product smelled pleasant. No chemical smell or any scary perfume. What did it smell like? Somehow after care.

The mask also soothed my inflammation on the eyelid that I had from my last make-up wear. That was really relieving.

Eye Gels

The eye gels are awesome. Now I could leave it, but let’s take a closer look.

Restoring Night Eye Gels

These Restoring Night Eye Gels moisturized my eye area very well, but they are not perfect.

Unfortunately, the patches always slide down a bit and I can not say that after a single treatment, my childhood dark circles have become brighter.

Rejuvenating Eye Gels

These eye gels did not slip. I could easily fool around with my dog with them on the face without having to worry about them falling down.

From the moisture supply they are exactly in the middle of the three eye gel varieties. Compatibility is also very good here.

Illuminating Eye Gels

Of all the eye gels, these are my favorites here. They provide the strongest moisturizing and I noticed clearly that the eyes look more awake. They are really great.

Just like the Rejuvenating Eye Gels, these also lasted for at least 5 minutes.

Lip Service

gloss-to-balm treatment” is on the outside of the package and I can really only confirm that.

Approximately for 7 hours held a really intense gloss effect and then my lips were velvety soft.

A nice bonus: lip service tastes really good.

The good in the potty, the bad in the crop

Now the final question: which products do I want to buy?

Definitv the Hydrate Flashmasque, the Illuminating Eye Gels and the Lip Service. They completely convinced me. The products work fast, are well tolerated and allow me to be busy during the care.

For travel, I find the Clean AF great, but otherwise I’m not sure yet.

Generally, I would buy a lot of Patchology products regularly, especially if they were available from dm in Germany. So I have to see how I do that with the order through the website. The German customs is known not the fastest and well… everyone knows the trouble with parcel services.

Nevertheless, the three products mentioned are so good that I don’t care about the effort.

If you want to read more reviews in the future, please click on the little heart (on the PC on the left, on the smartphone under the article) and leave a comment, so I know.


For this article liters of water were needed.

Pour the moabiterpflanze so it does grow and not die!

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  1. Bar

    Amazing to see what a positive effect they had for you right away. Super interested in checking this brand out!

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    OMG! I want to try these! Love your honest review!

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