Indie Beauty Expo Berlin 19


Indie Beauty Expo Berlin 19

Lea Schumacher am 1. April 2019

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

The first Indie Beauty Expo Berlin! A great new trade show format for the capital took place in the Station Berlin am Gleisdreieck with 60 exhibitors from all over the world in cooperation with Douglas.

The Special

What is so special about the Indie Beauty Expo compared to other fairs? On the one hand, the companies are run by their founders, who were usually allowed to get to know each other on site. On the other hand, the trade fair is not only open to trade visitors.

Of course there is the Glow, but is not her focus more on events? I usually have that feeling. At the Indie Beauty Expo, consumers can spend the second day in a comparatively calm and above all professional environment with a focus on sharing knowledge.

I also like ballspans and slot machines, but I prefer a proper exchange, especially if there are such great things to discover! Be curious!


I noticed some trends. Of course, the trend of organic products and products in the quest for sustainability, but also products that appeal to me on a different level more and more in skin care.

And products for a quick and high-quality care for our fast-paced time and beauty care about inner nutrition.

Get it before Brexit

Here I introduce you first of all British companies, which I noticed particularly, which you should look closer to the Brexit, since so far is the future in trade with Great Britain in the stars.


One of the first companies I noticed was British Emulsion company Helen Bannayan.

Emulsion gives you the opportunity to put together the optimal care for you. An individual care.

At the fair, I was able to put together a very special body lotion with tobacco smell. That’s a special scent! Who already has a body care with tobacco smell?

I love it!

Sampure Minerals

Sampure Minerals has been a brand that really surprised me. I liked this vegan and halal make-up line very much. So much that I forgot to take pictures. I’m really embarrassed, but I was blown away.

The complete face make-up is based on loose powder, as well as the eye shadow. The eyeshadows are available in really great colors, are highly pigmented and easy to blend. My personal favorite color is Arabian Nights.

Sampure Minerals has been on the market for 10 years and it would be a shame if Brexit made it difficult to buy the products in the EU.

Mother earth care

Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary is an American company with a great intent. Not only do you want to make vegan organic care, you also want to keep everything as environmentally friendly as possible.

It really fascinated me that Plant Apothecary intends to set up a production facility in Europe exclusively for the European market in order to minimize the supply routes for the benefit of the environment.

The products smell pleasant. Not as intense pungent, as so often, if in addition to perfume or the like is attached.

I would prefer it if not only the main ingredients would be on the front of the packaging, because that gives the impression that only these ingredients are included, although this is not the case.

I’ve come across two products to test why I’ll post my conclusion later, either here or on Instagram or Vero.

Noelle Australia

This company has a really interesting concept. This 100% vegan and 100% organic label has organized its products according to the various regions of Australia.

Who can say, “Hey, I’m wearing Outback right now, and you?”

A special ingredient for facial care is the Kakadu plum, which contains far more vitamin C than an orange.

I will also write a review of one of the care series for this brand. Which platform is not fixed yet.

ZENZ Organic

This Danish brand is ideal for those looking for the most odorless care possible.

All products are aloe vera and 100% organic, vegan and allergy tested. The design is minimalist and reminiscent of stones on a river.

Zen of Nature

Stem Cells! This anti-aging care is made from plant stem cells imported from Switzerland. How amazing is that?

I’ll tell you more in a review of the care series, which you can read here soon. Be curious! I am definitely.

Other natural brands

Another company with a high percentage of natural ingredients is the Merci Handy brand from France. It really surprised me because the packaging does not suggest that, but Merci Handy has made it a goal to make care fun, so the colorful packaging.

Currently I’m testing Merci Handy’s Smile Detox oil pulling mouthwash, which I bought myself. For information on the interim results, just have a look at my stories on Instagram. The final conclusion will be published here.

Other companies are the Berlin companies Und Gretel and Coscoon, which I’ll introduce you later in the category “Berlin Lifestyle”.

Special companies


I will introduce you to this American skincare company later, but I have to mention it here.

I was immediately allowed to test a variety of eye gel patches at the Indie Beauty Expo. These can also be placed over the make-up and allowed to act for 5 minutes. It was a 5 minute spa vacation for me. I was absolutely fascinated and still is.

In the evening, I tested the make-up remover tissues and it was much easier to put it off than with my make-up remover from Balea for waterproof make-up.

It is this speed of the products that inspires me so much. And that I tolerate them so well, which is really special (ask my dermatologist).

I will tell you more in later articles.

Ellis Faas

I almost freaked out with joy when I discovered the booth of Ellis Faas.

I already knew her make-up through Wayne Goss’ YouTube channel and love the packaging, which is reminiscent of bullets and a bullet barrel (or whatever it is called).

This packaging is ideal for busy everyday life and with this everything for a full face make-up can be safely transported in a handbag.

The only downside: I’m not sure if you can get in a plane when you have it in your hand luggage. The tips are certainly super for self-defense in everyday life.

Mavior Beauty

This German brush company has really beautiful make-up brushes in the range, which strongly reminds of the bottle of Diors J’Adore.

Overall, the collection is very elegant and practical. Especially those brushes that Mavior Beauty will bring to the market this year.

Riki loves Riki

Mirror, mirror, on the wall … um … in my hand?

These illuminated mirrors are not just mirrors. They are smart, mobile and very chic. Everything a modern woman could want from a mirror.

Ideal for businesswomen, bloggers, bloggers and instagrammers.

More maybe later, if you should be interested in this review.


The Indie Beauty Expo has been a great success in my eyes. There is so much new to discover and this fair provides the optimal platform between consumers and businesses.

I can hardly wait for the next Indie Beauty Expo Berlin and hope to get to know even more innovations.

If you liked the article and/or you want me to write you a review about the products of any company here, then please write it in the comments. I will see if I can make it possible.


For this article liters of water were needed.

Pour the moabiterpflanze so it does grow and not die!

2 Euro

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