From the street to the museum – Urban Nation

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From the street to the museum – Urban Nation

Lea Schumacher am 22. December 2018 · 2 Kommentare

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

Passersby is immediately noticeable at the Bülowstraße underground station in Schöneberg: the 2017 opened Urban Nation Museum of Street Art.

In museum?

Now many can argue that once this art hangs in the museum, it’s not street art anymore. Perhaps they are right, perhaps they are wrong, but one thing is certain: the origin of this art comes from the street and so much art on the street is so great that it would best be preserved.

However, Banksy has probably tried to thwart the elites of our society with his last big action (at least, if you interpret his video on Instagram that way) by shredding his work, but unfortunately the complete opposite happened: the remains are even more worth now.

For everyone

No matter where he comes from and what he does, if someone passes by a work of art, street art is free for everyone. Street Art is not sealed off for people with the necessary small change and Urban Nation has taken over this optimally.

Urban Nation is free of charge.

Artistic Director Yasha Young has put together a great exhibition for everyone. Works by well-known street artists such as Eric Jones, Fin DAC, Sandra Chevrier and Nychos can be found in the Urban Nation.

In addition, the Urban Nation always makes really great events, as soon as, just look in the “Events”.

Personal favorite place in the Urban Nation

My personal favorite place in the Urban Nation may sound weird, but although I love the installations in addition to the pictures (which is really unusual for me), my favorite place in the Urban Nation is the washroom. That’s no joke. The sinks are just cool and this scribbled mirror wall, in which you hardly recognize yourself (and only with difficulty finds the toilet door) I think just great.

Well, everyone’s own, right?

Dates Urban Nation

Adress: Bülowstraße 7, 10783 Berlin

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10am to 18pm



  1. I love street art! There are really amazing pieces you covered, thank you! And I’m kinda with you on the bathroom, haha! It really is cool!

  2. Sherry Starsky

    I love street art .. most local gallery that one can visit around. It also reflects the mind of the artist that works intricately into the details ,which is just amazing and beautiful , indeed it must be preserved

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