Did I buy a poisoned apple? Part 2


Did I buy a poisoned apple? Part 2

Lea Schumacher am 4. December 2018

Due to the uncertain legal situation in Germany, I have to label this article as advertising, even if I have not received any money for it.

It happened. The new MacBook Pro 15″ is here.

My personal Santa Claus, the DHL messenger, brought it up the stairs. Quickly signed and I was in the kitchen in front of the package. It mocked me dangerously, but I would not be myself if I just gave in!

Let’s go

Quickly unpacked the package and it is already in front of me. So much bigger and flatter than my old Macci and in addition of cool, unapproachable elegance.

I can not help but being alienate. I did not take my old Macci out of his green case for 4 years and now this big, elegant MacBook Pro in Space Gray is in front of me. So grown up. So professional. Nausea rises in me.

Is this me?

Perhaps. At least when it comes to my work. I do not really understand that, and this MacBook looks so incredibly minimalistic.

No wink in the design, nothing.

A pure working device without distraction. Not bad at all.

The new MacBook Pro is not a Macci

It’s too big for that and runs surprisingly smoothly … so far.

The keyboard is very sensitive, as well as trackpad, Touch Bar and Touch ID. All my worries seem to be untrue, at least in the first use.

After the keyboard got hot in the beginning, everything is flowing smoothly and perfectly. Except for one thing: I do not know why, but my MacBook Pro does not manage to load fonts from my cloud.

I’m just assuming that it’s because when you just set up large amounts of data must be loaded and the fonts are just in the loading priority at the bottom. At least I hope so.

David Baldacci and the MacBook Pro

I give a name to everything that matters to me or should be important, but the new MacBook Pro really makes it hard for me. It’s so dark, smart and adult. It reminds me of a protagonist from David Baldacci thrillers. So maybe I should call it Baldacci …?


What can you do with the Touch Bar? What features are hidden in it and what is Baldacci capable of? How annoyed will I be from USB-C in the future?

I do not know yet and this ignorance makes me as curious as a toddler at Easter.


As soon as I know more about Baldacci and have worked with him for a longer time, I’ll write you how satisfied I am with him or how disappointed I am what I expect after all the YouTube videos.

Whether the 15″ MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) is now a poisoned apple, I do not know, but so far it does not look like it, so there is reason to hope!

Update 4 days later

I think I’m in love.

He is a bit hot-blooded, but so reliable and competent! Baldacci is doing a great job and I am absolutely impressed.

Although its battery life does not even reach the promised 10 hours for me, but – when I do my usual work for this beautiful website – after about 2 hours already used about 50% of its batteries, Baldacci creates things that Macci would never have done. Not at its best times.

4 days conclusion: super delicious apple!


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